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Fine art is more than a beautiful painting or detailed sculptureā€”it represents cultural expression. Spencer FAS works to preserve cultural artifacts with careful art shipping, storage, and installation services. Contact us today.

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Fine Art Moving, Shipping, Installation, & Storage

Spencer FAS is a full-service art handling company committed to providing safe and secure installation, packing, shipping, and storage solutions. We are dedicated to managing all tasks associated with owning valuable objects, allowing collectors, galleries, and institutions to focus solely on how and where their artworks are to be displayed.
Your collection deserves our attention. Trust Chicago's art moving experts to treat your valuables and precious artwork with respect and care. Whether you are a private collector or director of a gallery or museum, your unique and valuable collection will be safe with us. Call at 773-435-9200 for an estimate.

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Spencer Fine Art Services

Moving, storing, installing, and packing art requires a delicate touch. That's where the expert art handlers of Spencer Fine Art Services can help. Call today.


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